Buy a Primer

This must-have product has been making its rounds in the beauty world. The Replica Filter by Maison Margiela is essentially a perfume primer. Though, it can be worn by itself, it’s best layered under a heavier fragrance. This will make whatever perfume you layer on top last longer and give it added dimension. The Replica Filter comes in two amazing scents. Glow is light and fresh, yet complex, with notes of neroli and citrus, and Blur is sophisticated with subtle notes of jasmine and musk.

I love the name, love the concept and the packaging is dreamy. You can even spray these onto the tips of your hair! I’m a sucker for innovative releases and these are def worth spraying next time you are at a counter.


Spray It In The Right Places

The first thing to know is that dry skin doesn’t hold perfume well, so make sure your skin is hydrated. This is why people with oily skin don’t need to reapply as often. But beyond that, hair actually carries perfume the best. It also creates a beautiful sillage, which is the scented trail left by the perfume wearer.


Store it Correctly

Expensive perfume is a luxury. It creates an atmosphere of beauty around its wearer. It is an investment; so you want it to last as long as possible. Stored properly, your pricey perfume can retain the enchanting qualities that first attracted you to it. 

While it is tempting to display that gorgeous bottle on your dresser top, doing so can expose your perfume to sunlight. Over time, sunlight will alter the fragrance and and darken its colour. To keep it safe from harmful rays, store perfume in a dresser drawer, in a corner of your bedroom or other part of the house that does not receive any sun exposure, or in the closet where you dress.